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Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans offers an important introduction to the concept of mental fitness training. Anthology editors Kate Hendricks Thomas and David L. Albright have pulled together an interdisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, and military veterans to outline the case for resilient skills training. Contributors include leaders in the field of trauma research, military social work, and veterans' health practice.

Anyone can learn to be more resilient. Mental fitness training methods include body-based protocols long used in the treatment sector to rewire brains after trauma. These innovative, somatic techniques can be employed at any time with powerful neurological and physical impact. Weaving together personal stories from military veterans and the latest in holistic behavioral medicine research, this book offers a call to action for those interested in peak performance.

MEET the Editors

Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas is an academic, a Marine Corps veteran, and a storyteller who helps individuals and organizations build mental fitness to be ready for life's toughest challenges. She is the author of Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior's Battle for Balance. Her behavioral health research, published in journals like Military Behavioral Health, Traumatology, and Gender Forum, has been praised as "masterful" and "constructive."

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Dr. David L. Albright is a military veteran, author, and social work researcher. Throughout his career, he has focused his work on producing research and insights useful for international healthcare policymakers, academic institutions, and private organizations as they work to address and improve health-related determinants and outcomes among underserved communities.

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